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Daily Agenda

Check the agenda below to keep up with Jabra at ISE.
Find us at Hall 2, Booth 2P600.

  • DAY 1

    Tuesday, January 31

    • Hybrid Working Garden
      powered by Lenovo

      10 – 16h

    • Jabra + Microsoft Special
      Livestream Announcement


    • Jabra + Zoom Special
      Livestream Announcement


  • DAY 2

    Wednesday, February 1

    • Hybrid Working Garden
      powered by Lenovo

      10 – 15:30h

    • Jabra focus day at the Barco
      Booth (3D400)

      10 – 16h

  • DAY 3

    Thursday, February 2

    • Hybrid Working Garden
      powered by Zoom

      10 – 18h

  • DAY 4

    Friday, February 3

    • Hybrid Working Garden

      10 – 16h

Get flexible.

Stay professional. 

Since 2020, we’ve seen a huge acceleration towards a more hybrid-working future, and professionals everywhere are now dividing their time between multiple locations. From the office to the home office, and everywhere in between, a hybrid working style gives you the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and however suits you best.

As 85% of businesses are looking to improve collaboration for their employees through better technology, we’ve been leading that charge for years.

With Jabra, the whole world’s a potential workspace. 

First things first…

Did you know that


of employees would rather work for a company that invests in technology to better connect the workplace in a hybrid working environment?

At Jabra, we’ve known for years that the work you do isn’t dependent on where you do it. Join us at ISE to dive into the world of hybrid.

Anywhere works

Wherever you need to work, we’ve got the tech to keep you in touch.

  • Work from Anywhere

  • Work from Home

  • Work from the Office

  • Work on the Road

Video solutions




    Our cutting-edge 180-degree video technology meets our world-leading audio technology, for an Intelligent Meeting Room Experience that feels a whole lot more human. So everyone feels like they’re together in the same room, even when they’re spread across the globe.




    No more crowding together to make sure everyone is in the picture. Our unique 180-degree video technology shows the full width of the room, so everyone can see and be seen (without getting all up in each other’s business).




    Always look your best, with AI- enabled personal video conferencing, whether you’re dialing in from your kitchen, a hotel room, or your secret superhero hideout (don’t worry, we’ll never tell).



    Impromptu interviews. Last-minute link-ups. You need a portable solution that can help you collaborate in an instant, wherever you are.
    Jabra Meet Anywhere have everything you need to transform any space into a meeting place.

  • NEW


    A complete solution that enables small and medium rooms to play host to more inclusive, more immersive virtual meetings. We’ve teamed up with Lenovo to deliver innovative video collaboration experiences that simplifies video conferencing for increased productivity.

Professional Headsets

  • EVOLVE2 85

    Keep your eyes on the prize – this headset is designed to help you stay on your game whether you’re concentrating or collaborating. You’ve got this.

  • EVOLVE2 75

    Whether you’re working from your tree house, a coffee shop or even, wait for it, at your desk in the office (we know, right?) – this headset’s cutting-edge audio technology and Jabra Advanced Active Noise CancellationTM keeps you on point, wherever you do your best work.

  • EVOLVE2 40

    Put on your Evolve2 40 and feel the noise around you instantly fade, as the isolating foam oval ear cushions and pioneering new angled earcup design work to effectively block out your surroundings, giving you outstanding passive noise cancellation.

  • ENGAGE 55

    Have better conversations, both at home and in the office, with Engage 55. This intuitive headset is designed for those who spend most of their day in calls or virtual meetings, giving you an extensive wireless range and the highest levels of security, for maximum peace of mind.

  • ENGAGE 50 II

    This headset has been designed with you in mind (you’re welcome). It’s light, but sturdy. Comfortable, but sleek. Wear it all day, without feeling like you’re wearing it at all. With an intelligent microphone system that makes sound clearer than ever before.


  • SPEAK 810

    The perfect stationary speaker phone for big office pow-wows. You can easily gather up to 16 colleagues around the Jabra Speak 810, and everyone can be heard clearly (without needing to shout).

  • SPEAK 750

    Say goodbye to ‘can you hear me’ and ‘sorry, can you repeat that…’. The Jabra Speak 750 offers premium audio with full duplex sound, which means you can talk over each other and still be heard. So it’s just like in- person meetings, really.

  • SPEAK 710

    Experience Omni- directional microphone and HD voice. Ideal for voice, music and multimedia The omni- directional microphone provides 360-degree coverage and picks up sounds from any angle.

  • SPEAK 510

    Engineered to be unplugged. Portable USB and Bluetooth® speakerphone. Crystal clear voice experience ensures everyone is heard in a compact portable design lets you hold conference calls anywhere.

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